Pippa Britton /

Pippa Britton

Date of Birth

27 May 1963








Britton underwent major surgery in 2006 and her coach, Tim Hazell, supported her return to full fitness to secure three world records. In fact, just ten days after starting back shooting after her operation, she lifted silver at a European Grand Prix.

Perhaps it is no surprise that her role model is Kelly Holmes - "because she has stuck to her guns through setbacks and injury but in the end all her hard work paid off."

Her outings at World Championships have proved fruitful.  In 2007 and 2009, she helped Great Britain take team gold. At the three previous World Championships, she came away with two individual silvers and a bronze. Although she missed out on a medal after placing fifth in Beijing, she has continued to enjoy success, gaining a silver medal in the European Championships in Vichy, France in 2010. She is currently ranked No.2 in the world so it would seem that a medal might just be in the offing in London.

She can often be found either training at Llantarman Archery Club, the Newport Tennis Centre or the Sport Wales National Centre in Cardiff where she also receives support from the Sport Wales sports science and medicine team.

Her physical training not only consists of shooting but she also swims for general fitness. Her preparation for the podium also includes regular sports psychology sessions as she believes that mental training and visualisation is the key to success.