Active Adults Survey

What is the Active Adults Survey?

For 25 years the Active Adults Survey has been the most comprehensive source of information about the amount and types of sport and physical activity that adults do in Wales.

Active Adults - Tredegar Netball ClubThe results of the survey are used by partner organisations including the Welsh Government, local authorities and national governing bodies of sport to inform their strategic planning and operations.

Active Adults Survey 2012

The Active Adults Survey 2012 was commissioned by Sport Wales and was carried out by the independent research organisation Ipsos MORI. Results from the survey will be released in May 2014.

The survey covered many topics relating to sport, including:

  • participation in a range of sports and physical recreation activities;
  • sports club membership and participation;
  • volunteering in sport;
  • participation in competitive sport;
  • usage of leisure and fitness centres;
  • barriers and motivation for participation in sport.

A range of demographic information was also collected for analysis, including gender, social class, age, disability and household structure. Further information on how the 2012 Survey was conducted can be found here.

Survey method

Active Adults - Boot CampFrom 1987 to 1998, the Survey was part of Beaufort Research's Wales Omnibus Survey, and was conducted in four waves of 1000 adults each, in each quarter.

From 1998 to 2005, the Survey was expanded to allow reporting of results at local authority level, using a stratified quota sample. From 2008-09 onwards, a random probability sample stratified by local authority has been used.

Households are selected at random to participate in the research using the Postcode Address File complied by the Royal Mail. The selection is clustered by Output Area (selected at random) to minimise costs while ensuring the survey is robust. On contact with a selected household, one adult is selected at random using the Next Birthday Rule.

For all surveys, fieldwork took place over a 12-month period, to avoid any seasonal effects on the results.

Key findings from the 2008-09 Survey

Technical documents

Data tables

  • Data tables can be found in the Statistics section of this website.